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Rehabilitative Services

Rehabilitative services are provided by licensed therapists or therapist assistants under the supervision of a licensed therapist.

All eligible rehabilitative services must be:

  • directly and specifically related to an active, written plan of care/treatment plan designed by a physician after consultation with a therapist
  • of a level of complexity and sophistication that can only be provided by a licensed therapist or assistant therapist under the supervision of a licensed therapist.
  • provided with the expectation based on the assessment made by the physician of the participant rehabilitation potential in hopes that the condition will improve in a reasonable and generally predictable period of time
  • necessary to establish a safe and effective maintenance program required in connection with a specific diagnosis
  • specific to the individual and provide effective treatment for the participants condition in accordance with accepted standard of medical practice regarding: amount, frequency, and duration of services

Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapy

  • Evaluation and re-evaluation to assess a participants level of function through diagnostic and prognostic tests completed in their place of residence
  • Selection and teaching of task-oriented , therapeutic activities designed to restore physical function( eg. use of woodworking to restore elbow and wrist range of motion)
  • Planning, implementing and supervising therapeutic treatment plan (computer activities, following multi-level directions, assist with memory loss and reality orientation in a neurologically impaired participant
  • Activities to restore sensory integrative function (motor and tactile activities, to increase sensory input and improve response for an individual after a stroke)
  • Compensatory techniques to improve the level of independence in activities of daily living

Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy

  • Gait training (evaluation and training for individuals impaired by neurological, muscular, or skeletal abnormality)
  • Range of motion exercises ( showing degree of motion lost and the degree to be restored)

Speech Therapy
Speech Therapy

  • Assistance to the physician in determining type of speech language disorder and the appropriate therapy
  • Rehabilitative therapy for speech and language disorders
  • Rehabilitative services for swallowing disorders, cognitive problems, etc.

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